Walking or Running to Lose Weight?

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
September 15, 2020

Walking and running both are cardiovascular exercises. They are considered as best exercises to shed the bulk of pounds. Both exercises have positive impacts on chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cholesterol. It depends upon your starting weight and your goal (how much weight you exactly want to lose). Both exercises will help you to improve energy levels, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and the risk of many other diseases. Both are aerobic exercises and are considered best for fat burning especially for weight trainers. If you are overweight walking is better, but if you come in a healthy weight zone and want to lose only a few pounds then running is better. It totally depends upon your choice and priority whether you select running or walking to lose weight.

According to research, it is found that calories burning according to mass body index in those people who are running, or jogging is faster and quick as compared to those who are walking. It is found that both the exercise categories will help you lose the bulk of weight. But running helps you to lose weight in less time as compared to walking. If you are going for instant weight loss, then choose running.

Individual preference matters a lot because if you hate running or get tired in a very short time then you must choose walking. Walking will help you to attain your goal, but it will be long term. People who are over the age of 50 years could not run due to joint pain and muscle fatigue problems; they should choose walking for them as it will be more suitable for them. But some older people prefer jogging or running so it is totally up to your own preference.

Benefits of walking for fat burning:

It is no doubt that running is considered one of the fastest exercises to lose weight. Running is a very intense exercise that requires a lot of your energy. People who are very much obese and overweight should choose walking. The people who are very fat do not have the ability to run, as they get tired in a shorter time. There is a high of their falling or bending of legs while running due to their obesity. They can suffer from instant injury if they run while being obese. Their bones cannot bear their overweight while running. They will get injured and will not be able to lose or shed their bulk of pounds. They must choose walking exercise in the beginning. When they had lost some pounds initially and their weight becomes a bit stabilized then they should go for running exercise.

Benefits of running for fat burning:

Running is a very vigorous exercise. It is a very energetic, high-intensity, fitness and warm-up activity done by many people. It requires a lot of energy and water of your body. It is highly effective at losing instant weights. It involves calories burning at the rate of per minute. It involves a lot of body muscles. It burns different types of body fat involving your subcutaneous and abdominal fat very easily. Running helps you to lose weight without any change in your diet. It fastens the metabolism of your body, heartbeat gets faster. Research studies have found that running helps you to stabilize your heat beat. It is found that 5 to 10 minutes running per day helps to reduce heart disease risk by up to 45%. Running also helps to lower blood sugar level. It is found that running makes your body cells sensitive to insulin. This helps the sugar to move into the muscles for storage. Running and walking both helps in reducing the risk of cataracts. Elders who are adapted to running exercises are less likely to fall as their legs muscles are most responsive due to running exercises.

Walking is better for those who are very obese and over-weight:

People who are suffering from overweight problems are recommended to do walking. They will not get tired of it easily and will feel less fatigue. This physical activity will keep your body cells and muscles active.  It is found that walking one mile equal to 1.6 k helps you to lose 100 calories. Overweight leads to a lot of health problems in your life. Walking is very helpful for you to abstain from all the health risks. Doing excessive and high-intensity exercises will lead to the loss of lean muscles of your body, Muscles are much more active than fats and can be easily lost. But walking helps you to preserve the lean muscles of your body and will help in weight loss as well. It is found that storing a lot of fat around your body mid-section will lead to many diseases like diabetes type 2 and heart diseases. Walking is a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and will help you to reduce belly fat if you do regularly. It will also help you to improve your mood, relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. You will stay motivated, fresh and active.

Running is better for weight maintenance. It is good for healthy people who want to shed only a few pounds a need to trim their body.

If you are used to running, then go for this exercise as much as you can to attain your goal. Stay tuned to it until it is useful, never become addicted. People who are beginners will feel the problem of running exercise. Their muscles will become sore and will be unable to run anymore. Be careful if your muscles become sore, otherwise, it will lead to injury. Athletes do a lot of running to keep their body fit and active. Their body muscle had been used to running and their muscles do not become tired or sored easily. Start with jogging if you want running to lose your weight quickly. Jogging will help you pick up the pace for the running. Running is the best and instant weight loss for healthy people. It is a good exercise for athletes.


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