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By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
September 14, 2020

Strength Training is physical exercise. This exercise specializes in the use of resistance that induces muscular contraction, anaerobic endurance, strength buildup, increase in the size of skeletal muscle and bone density. If properly performed, it has a variety of functional benefits and health improvements like increased bone, muscle, tendon, ligament strength, and toughness. Some other major benefits involve increased bone density, increased metabolism, enhanced fitness, improved cardiac functioning and reduced potential for injury.

Strength training involves the use of various techniques that increases the output of muscles. It involves different types of equipment and a variety of exercises that target specific muscles of the body. Strength training is an anaerobic activity for the muscles. Strength training is also associated with the production of lactate. Regular endurance exercises can lead to adaptations in skeletal muscles because it prevents the elevated lactate level from raising during exercise.

Strength training of any type can be explained by two things:

  • Movement of any weight comprising your body weight: Do any exercise that pushes your body muscles out of their comfort zone. This will force your body muscles to build stronger preparing them for the next challenge your body faces.
  • Progressive overload involves exerting more weight than previously. Adding more weight than last time will cause your body muscles to adapt constantly to new challenges. The muscles will opt themselves to strength rebuilding.

There are different types of strength training that will provide you strength before work:

1- Bodyweight Training: It is one of the best and simples training that helps you in strength building with or without using any equipment. It is versatile, can be performed anywhere, involves a lot of movements, improves relative strength and reactive strength.

  1. Pushups: It is one of the simplest exercises that you can do at home. It is a great stabilizer for the torso and back. It can be done with hands, feet and various elevated positions.
  2. Bodyweight squats: It is a strengthening tool for ankle, hip, and thoracic areas. Perform this against the wall to drill proficiency.
  3. Pull-ups: It is a strength exercise especially for the back. It is the most versatile for massive back bodybuilders.

2- Use Your Body for Resistance Training: Pull-ups and pushups are the moves that can be easily be adapted by your body. Perform some exercise that involves weight movements:

  1. Dumbbells: It is a short bar with weight at each end. It can be used solely but can be used in the form of pairs for weight training, strength gaining and muscle-building. Performing with dumbbells is very easy. Start with 10 pounds of weight, once you become used to it then increase the weight. They act as a stabilization tool for your body. It easily trims the imbalanced muscles.
  2. Kettlebell training: It is around weight (cast steel ball) with a flat bottom, but has a handle present on this top used for gripping. It is also used for strength training and muscle strengthening. There are a lot of simple exercises you can do using kettlebells. You can perform an easy swing with it. The goblet squat can also be done.
  3. Barbell training: A very quick exercise for strength training is the use of barbells. Perform by using progressive loads. Add weight one by one on the sides of the bar by knowing your weight-bearing capacity that will increase from time to time.

There are some important factors for strength training:

Breathe: Breathe as you can, do not hold your breath while exercising. Try to breathe out when you lift a weight and breathe in when you lower weight. It will increase your performance and reduce your injuries like a hernia. If you find very hard to breathe, it means you are overdoing exercise or over lifting weights.

Warm-up: Warm-up is very necessary before doing heavy exercise. Lacking a warm-up can lead to injury of muscles. When the muscles are cold and are subjected to a difficult exercise they are more prone to be harmed. Do a warm-up by running, jogging, cycling or jumping jacks.

You will find a lot of strength training benefits:

  • Increased physical attractiveness: Many people use strength training to improve their physical attractiveness. A male body type with wide and broad shoulders, a narrow waist and massive back can be attained by strength training. Strength training leads to a good physique especially for men that make them look attractive. It is not the case with women because they have less testosterone present to do it.
  • Good physical health: Strength training provides functional health benefits. It leads to stronger muscle development, aids in joints support and movement and reduces the risk of injury. Older people get more benefits. They stay active, prevents loss of muscle tissues that leads to aging, become less frail, avoid disability. It helps to reduce osteoporosis and improves bone strength. Strength training stimulates the cardiovascular system, oxygen uptake, removal of carbon dioxide and increased metabolism.
  • For rehabilitation and recovery: People who are in rehabilitation with a certain disability or who undergo surgery. Strength training is a key factor for them to optimize recovery. This strength training is recommended by psychotherapist or health professionals for those who are suffering from weak muscles.
  • Increased sports performance: Strength training provides a lot of energy and improved performance for a variety of sports.

A lot of methods are given above if you want strength training. Strength training is very vital for bodybuilders, sportsmen, and youngsters. Strength training will help youngsters a lot. It helps in a persons’ agility and increased body activity. Elders will stay active and refrain from a lot of diseases related to bones and joints. It also helps in proper cardio functioning. It is also helpful for obese people as it aids in weight loss and provides strength to muscles. Try to perform strength training in the morning and evening times regularly. If done in the morning it will help you to stay active the whole day.


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