Megan Macale

If you want real results, Bring The Shreds is without a doubt the company to go to. They’re very knowledgeable in all aspects of accomplishing your fitness goal and has taught me everything I need to know to reach my goals.

Alvin Quach

I was motivated by Bring The Shreds to get back into fitness and their blog has helped even more. I learned from them that your diet doesn’t have to be boring by learning how to track your macros. The journey is a marathon, not a race.

Tommy Nguyen

Louis motivated me to get back into fitness and guided me throughout my weight loss journey. Very creative with his lunch recipes. It doesn’t always have to be plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli! The main thing that I learned from Bring The Shreds is that Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither is your body. Be consistent and have patience.

Tommy Ye

Bring The Shreds has been instrumental in educating me on living the IIFYM lifestyle. I was working out but not seeing results until Louis. He explained the importance of macros and that an occasional cheat meal won’t hurt you. Their recipes are tasty yet macro friendly to the point where it feels like cheating! And they’ll always be there to push you when you hit the inevitable slump.

Milton Arcos

Bring The Shreds is a constant source of motivation and knowledge. They know what it takes to reach your goals and helps you get there through proper nutrition and exercise. Let them help you get where you want to be!

Dr. Noel Romo

If you want to lose weight, but struggle with dieting then Louis is your man. I first heard of counting macros and “flexible dieting” from him, and it has made life so much easier for me. I’ve personally known Louis since he began his fitness journey so I know for a fact that his method of exercise and nutrition is very effective.

Angela Rahmani

I’ve never been as consistent as I’ve wanted in the gym. My diet? Don’t even get me started on my love for Taco Bell! However, with Louis’s help and motivation, I was able to get all of the above back on track and I’ve never felt better! I’m a work in progress, but Louis has taught me that the journey is just as important as the destination! I feel a little stronger every day and it’s all thanks to Louis!

Email: louis@bringtheshreds.com
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