Snacks with Protein When You’re on The Go

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
February 5, 2020

When you are living a life in which you have a busy lifestyle, snacks are beneficial when you have no time to cook. You can buy snacks random snacks at the store, but most of the time they contain refined carbs and sugar, and these foods leave you feeling more unsatisfied and craving for extra food. It would be more beneficial for you to grab foods which are higher in volume and/or have more protein. Protein can help promote fullness as it signals the release of appetite suppressing hormones, slows down the process of digestion and sugar levels of blood.

What is protein?

Protein is a molecule consists amino acids. Protein is very essential in helping you build muscle. It is commonly found in animal products, though is also present in other sources, such as nuts and legumes.

Why Choose Protein as Snacks?

As mentioned, proteins are made up of amino acid chains. There are two types of amino acids, one is essential and other is non-essential. The requirement of essential amino acids in body is fulfilled by eating a variety of foods and when your body has all necessary amino acids, it can make the all essential protein that body needs.
Whether it’s from a plant or animal supply, it is important to consume a high protein diet if you want to build muscle. According to experts, protein-packed foods you’re eating has a big impact on not just your gains, but your overall health.

Protein Snacking Strategy

To choose wisely, you should snack on a range of nutrient-rich, healthy protein snacks that are low in fat and calories. You should always cook food by yourself rather than buying the canned and packed foods from the market. This not only improves your health but also so you’re not consuming too much processed foods.

The Power of Protein

The difference between a regular snack full of carbs and a snack full of protein, is protein has more staying power and won’t leave you hungry and hour later. This macronutrient is a hunger-busting powerhouse because it slows digestion and keeps blood sugar steady, and research shows protein helps keep cravings at bay. “Protein can help you lose weight because it increases satisfaction, and when you feel satisfied from your eating plan, you’re better able to stick with it”.

Protein Snack Ideas

Here are some high protein snacks that are healthy and can be enjoyed when you’re on the go!

1. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is meat cut into strips and is dried. Usually the fat is trimmed from the meat, so it is lower in fat. It doesn’t always come in beef, it can also be made into chicken, turkey and even salmon. You can find these in almost every store and/or gas station. Perfect for on the go!

Be careful though, because it was be a little bit pricy and high in sodium. However, if you’re consuming enough water in the day, you should be fine. You can also make this at home to save money and adding your own seasonings lower in salt.

2. Deli Turkey Meat

These are delicious, high in protein and easy to buy. Since they are already cut up, you can eat them with cheese and/or a low carb tortilla or wrap. If you want to be fancy, you can add cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, cream cheese or mustard. Super delicious and super affordable.

3. Greek Yogurt

This is an ideal snack that’s healthy with high protein. One serving (224 grams) contains 20 grams of protein! It is also high in calcium. To make it taste better, I try to mimic the McDonald’s Yogurt Parfait by adding in granola and mixed berries.
The only con is if you’re on the road, you need to find a spoon.

4. Tuna

Tuna is packed with protein and super convenient to eat. One cup contains 39 grams of protein which will keep you full. Tuna also has B vitamins and has a great amount of omega 3 fatty acids.
The con to this one is you need a can opener. However, Starkist Tuna comes in easy to open packets. You can add this to your salads for more volume.

5. Hard Boiled Eggs

These are easy to make when you are at home and some stores have them premade. They have a lot of vitamins and minerals and everything your body needs. It is easy to carry around as well.

6. Almonds

A handful of almonds is another fast way to eat protein. It is also high in vitamin E, minerals and healthy fats. Eating almonds daily can have other health benefits as well and can even help you lose weight.

Be careful though, even though they contain healthy fats, they are also high in calories if you eat too many. One serving should be enough.

7. Protein Bars

Probably one of the most popular options out there. With so many different brands, it is easy to get your hand on one. However, some of them are packed with sugar and other random ingredients. I would try to pick one that has simple ingredients which will be a healthier option for you. You can also make your own with at home recipes.

8. Protein Shakes

You want to have your protein sources come from whole foods. However, having a protein shake makes it quick and easy to consume protein into your diet. There are different types of protein powders out there such as whey, soy and pea protein. Usually one scoop contains around 20-25 grams of protein but depending on how much protein you need throughout the day, you can add an extra scoop. To make it taste better, rather than adding water, try almond milk. Almond milk has way fewer calories than regular milk and taste a lot better when making a protein shake.

In Conclusion 

There you have it! There are some great quick ideas to get in your protein on the go. These snacks are not just healthy, but will keep you full and satisfied. Until next time, stay shredded.

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