Should Your Body Type Decide What Kind of Work Outs You Should Do?

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
September 14, 2020

Drawing up a training plan for your personal goals requires much more attention than just copying and pasting from the page of your friend, athlete or bodybuilding guy in your own gym.

Of course, most training cards can be good for a large slice of people, but to really reap the benefits, it should be specific to you and your body.

We all have a different physique, with different origins and intersection points of the muscles, different lengths of muscles and limbs, and so on.

The various metabolisms work slightly differently from person to person, so the typical one-size-fits-all approach may not lead to the results you had set.

A training plan or diet should be created specifically for YOU.

Start by finding out which somatotype you belong to ...

What is my somatotype?

Basically, there are three basic body types which includes.

Endomorphs, Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs.

Endomorphs: the body is soft, round, with wide hips. The limbs are short compared to the bust. They are usually low. They have difficulty losing weight and seem to gain weight every time they think about food. Endomorphs rely on a good diet plan with a specialized workout for effectiveness and results. Here is a summary of this body type.

Buy weight easily.

He typically has a "softer" physique.

Accumulate more weight.

Larger and wider joints.

Shorter limbs.

Slow metabolism.

Naturally squat structure.

He has difficulty losing weight

Ectomorph: the opposite of endomorphs, they are thin, with very narrow shoulders and thin limbs. They are usually very tall. They eat what they want and do not put on weight. Ectomorphs need a lot of body building foods as well as supplements in order to build muscles and gain weight.

He has difficulty gaining weight.

Typically, it has little fat mass.

Minute skeletal structure.

Short joints and long limbs.

Fast metabolism.

Difficulty in gaining weight or musculature.

Mesomorph: a combination of the first two. In practice they are proportionate, quite tall, with broad shoulders like the pelvis. They reduce fat with little effort (compared to the other two somatotypes) but if they put on weight, they tend to distribute it throughout the body.

Naturally robust physique.

Wide joints.

Athletic and muscular.

Naturally muscular.

Long and round stomach.

Responds faster to resistance training than ectomorphs.

Training for Endomorphs

We must be clear: weight loss is difficult for endomorphs. But their training is basically focused on cardio activity and resistance training. When training, it is best to dedicate at least 3 exercises to each muscle and allow a maximum of one minute to elapse between exercises. You can go jogging, cycling, canoeing, Pilates, yoga and swimming. Spend one day a week at rest but you still need to stay active: get up from that sofa and take a walk. Remember to limit alcohol and sugar intake.

Training for Ectomorphs

The desire of the Ectomorphs is to increase muscle mass. Ideal three days of training combined with two days of low intensity cardio. Yes at 1 or 2 exercises at most for muscle with 2/3 minutes of rest between one series and another. Aerobic activity is not recommended. As an ectomorph, you should keep in mind to consume enough body building foods to help your muscle growth.

Training for the Mesomorphs

The mesomorphs must concentrate on strength and endurance training that involve the whole body, at least 3/5 times a week and 2/3 exercises per muscle. Excellent timed workouts to set goals and increase exercise intensity. Cardio training is mainly used to prepare for weight training or other intense exercises. Rowing and cycling are ideal as sports.

So the answer to our question is Yes, your body type should determine the kind of workouts you do in the gym. Several people may not understand this. Especially people who do not meet trainers before engaging in workout. They repeat same routine and not find any results. So if you have been blindly working out, you really should check the kind of exercises you do, if it is meant for you.

Nevertheless, the most important thing for each of these body types and their workout routine is consistency and perseverance. Body types such as ectomorphs who gain muscles slowly and loose them easily may want to fall back while endomorphs who gain weight easily and find it hard to get a well-toned body might find it difficult to continue working out since the results are minimal. But with consistence, the right diet plan. You will sure see results that you would be proud of in the nearest future.

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