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If you’re anything like Louis, you love food. Especially the types of food that isn’t necessarily the “healthiest” for you.

As Louis went along his fitness journey, he tried all the latest diets. Even though he stuck to a strict plain and boring diet, ate every 2 hours, done everything he heard he was supposed to do, he didn’t have the results he wanted like he saw in the magazines with the nice abs. He thought he had to give up his favorite foods to see the best results.

It wasn’t until he learned about tracking calories (specifically macronutrients) where he saw the best results of his life without sacrificing any of his favorite foods!

Everyone that he has coached, from ex-athletes to working moms, he realized they all could benefit from finding the perfect diet for themselves. What was amazing is sharing the flexible dieting principles with each of them, they all had unbelievable success with this “diet” style. He wants to reach out to many more and let everyone know that it is all about moderation, not deprivation.


Anthony takes the majority of the photos you see on Bring The Shreds Website, Facebook & Instagram. Easily fascinated with what life and the world has to offer, Anthony approach portraiture with the idea of creating an intimate portrait. A portrait that evokes a sense of emotion when viewing it. That can only be achieved by gaining the subjects trust and creating an atmosphere of comfort. Constantly composing anything he sees from a photographer’s point of view, he is grateful to have learned the power of observation.

A self taught photographer, for as long as he can remember, Anthony has always had an appreciation for a well composed photograph. Often, he would find himself gravitating more towards portraiture, as human interaction and the relationships that we create with one another has always intrigued him. Anthony believe the relationships that we create play a huge part in shaping us as individuals.

Anthony Lew

Former college football player turned marketing desk jockey. Not only does Tyler support Bring the Shreds from a marketing perspective, Tyler is also being coach by Louis. As Louis has helped Tyler transition from desk jockey back to into a health fit live; Tyler is developing Bring the Shreds’ digital footprint. What Tyler brings to Bring the Shreds is extensive analytical strategy, marketing prowess and deadline orientated experienced gained within Fortune 100 companies; combined with a variety of leadership roles and a creative ingenuity background resulting in a driven mindset.

Tyler Schaner

Email: louis@bringtheshreds.com
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