Is Rapid Weight Loss Safe?

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
September 14, 2020

It's common to want to lose weight as soon as possible, and it’s a dream of everybody to look young and smarter all the time, especially women are conscious about their body shape and want to rapid loss weight. But you have probably been told that it is better to lose weight at a slow, steady pace. The purpose for this is that most studies show that people who gradually lose weight are more likely to stay away for longer. Slow weight loss also comes with very few health risks. Though, several recent studies have shown that losing weight fast can be just as good and safer as slow weight loss. So, is it wrong to lose weight fast? This article digs into research to uncover the truth.


Is Rapid Weight Loss, Danger, or Safe?

According to research, it is safe and healthy to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Losing too much is considered too fast and can put you at risk for many health problems, including muscle loss, stones, lack of nutrition, and metabolism. The most usual way that people try to lose weight fast is by doing a lot of exercises and following a crash diet of fewer than 800 calories a day or a deficient calorie diet. When you consume fewer calories than physical burns, your body begins to sink into its energy reserves, called glycogen. Glycogen is bound to water in your body, so when you are burning glycogen for fuel, the body also releases it.

Instant weight is lost, but that doesn't always permanent. You may be capable of losing weight faster by doing extra workout than diet and exercise. Still, your body cannot maintain it indefinitely, and since you haven't prepared yourself to adapt to lifestyle changes, Adaptation is not trained, so you are more likely to go back to your old habits and regain this fast-lost weight.

Another risk of losing weight too quickly is that you may not be losing fat; you are losing muscles. A typical, healthy rate of weight loss is one to two pounds a week. Rapid weight loss can be helpful for your long-term health if you are overweight. However, it is essential to do this at a sensible pace because weight loss too quickly can lead to serious health complications.


Side Effects of Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss can be helpful for your long-term health if you are overweight. Though it is essential to do this at a sensible pace because weight loss too quickly can lead to serious health complications. As we discussed above, the safe and healthy rate of fat burning is only 1- 2 pounds per day. There are several side effects of fast weight loss in the following

  • Loose Skin

Fast weight loss usually leaves loose skin on the legs, arms, and abdomen; this is because the skin has lost elasticity, and there is no time to shrink with the rest of the body. Although it may not have long-term health consequences, it can cause mental problems as well as uncomfortable chafing.

  • Lower Energy

When you eat too hard, your body will protect you by reducing your energy output. You will have less energy for workouts, and you may also avoid everyday activities. Burning your calories will make weight loss even more challenging. You cannot outsmart your body in the long run.

  • Dehydration

The weight loss you experience on crash diets is water weight loss. Not only are you losing the fat you want to lose, but it also means your body is not getting the water it needs. Dehydration does not just cause fatigue, headaches, and constipation. If in the long run, this can lead to more severe problems, such as kidney stone formation or, worse, kidney function.

  • Lose Muscle Mass

Fast weight loss can not only burn fat; according to research, rapid weight loss can also reduce lean muscles, tissues, and bones. Muscles are metabolically active as compared to fats. One pound of muscles can burns more calories than one pound of fats in a day. You will lose fewer calories if you lose muscles.

  • Slower Metabolism

Fast weight loss can slow your metabolism and burns many calories each day. A slower metabolism means you burn fewer calories per day.

  • Losing Hairs

We drop about 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day, but if you lose weight fast when you start rapid weight loss, more severe hair shedding could happen. There is a difference between hair shed and hair loss - hair loss is when something stops the hair from growing. When you eat too many calories, your body can't get enough nutrients to support hair growth, which can cause hair loss.

  • Liver Issues

Although fatty liver disease is commonly linked to obesity, fast weight loss is a risk factor for liver damage. This may be due to immediate changes in your fatty acid profile or residual weight gain after you lose weight.

  • Gallstones

A natural side effect of fast weight loss is the development of stones. The high amount of cholesterol that is formed in the gallbladder. They may be harmless, but many people experience severe abdominal pain from nausea and stones to the extent that gallstones may need to be removed. Being obese makes it further likely that you will develop stones, so losing weight is beneficial. Though making rapid weight loss increases the risk of developing gallstones.

  • Imbalance of Electrolyte

Many of our physiological functions are regulated by naturally occurring elements. Any imbalance in proportion to these elements can be potentially dangerous and can lead to seizures and conditions such as arrhythmia. Electrolytes are essential for cellular function and integrity. If the latter is broken, it won't take long for the rest of the body to adapt.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

Extreme weight loss deprives your body of crucial nutrients that are essential for healthy functions. Some nutrients like vitamin D and calcium deficiency may increase the risk of developing certain health conditions or cause you to suffer injury.

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