Is Cardio Necessary For Fat Loss?

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
January 15, 2018

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Cardio should be looked at and used as a tool in addition to proper training and nutrition. The reason is because people do far too much cardio. Have you ever noticed the same people at the gym doing cardio 6 days a week sweating their butts off on the treadmill, elliptical or even the bike? However, they all look sorta the same after 3-6 months? This is probably because they are not tracking macronutrients or their nutrition may not be in check. (Sign up for my e-mail list to find out how to track your macronutrients). This 5-step process will help you find your maintenance calories (figure out how much you can eat and not gain or lose weight). But from there, you create a calorie deficit by eating less. You're taking in less calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight. So, through nutrition alone you can lose weight, get ripped, and of course, bring the shreds.

Cardio is a tool to help increase the expenditure to burn more calories on top of the deficit you created through nutrition. You can also eat at maintenance and create a deficit through cardio if you want to eat a little bit more but again, cardio is not necessary to get ripped to get a six pack or anything like that. However, it does have its cardiovascular health benefits such as a decreased resting heart rate. It also helps your blood pressure and endurance. But if you’re looking to simply to lose weight, nutrition is going to be KEY. I know that may sound crazy and you see a ton of people all the time who swear by doing cardio and tell you it's the only way to lose weight. You may be one of those people who tell me “I do cardio 5 times a week but I'm not losing any weight.” Well here’s my question for you: Are you tracking your macros? I know it sounds tedious having to weigh out your food, input your calories on MyFitnessPal, etc. Yes, it does takes a couple of minutes a day but I promise you that it will make your life so much easier because 99% of the people that are on those treadmills just don't understand nutrition properly and actually hate doing the cardio and eventually give up because they don’t see the results they wanted. Focus more on your nutrition part and make it your number one priority and the results will come.

I really hope you enjoy this read and if you want to be updated on my latest posts, please sign up for my e-mail list. I will try my hardest to keep pushing more content out. Stay shredded friends.

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