BTS Back Workout Routine

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
January 14, 2018

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Hey guys, today I want to take you through my BACK workout. If you want to see my full WEEKLY workout routine, I’ve listed it in my interview page. You can find it HERE.

6x Pull Ups (Including 3 Warm Up Sets)

I like to start off my back workout with doing pull ups. I always do 3 warm up sets with the assist machine and then do normal pulls right after. I have never been too good with pull ups so might as well turn your weakness into a strength. Am I right?

3x Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs

Second exercise I do is the Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs. I like to do a little bit of a swing for momentum but not too much. Get a good stretch to the lats and really allow the blood flow to circulate. The reason why I like to give it a bit of a swing is because I find this is where I get the best contraction where as if I kept my body straight, I feel like I am working more of my arms.

3x Mid-Row Machine (One Arm at a time)

With this exercise I like to use a close grip. There are 3 different handles on this machine. Depending on where you grip it, its going to have a different effect on which back muscle will be activated. This exercise here is also good on developing the rear delts.

3x T Bar Row Machine

There’s a few ways you can grip this. You can do either overhand or underhand. I always mix it up from time to time. With the overhand movement, there will be less bicep movement and more back. Also, you want to raise the bar up to your lower stomach.

3x Seated Cable Rows

On this exercise here, I like to get a good stretch to the lats. Contract and stretch. I also like so swing a little bit with these movements because it will also give a lot of activation in the lower back.

3x Reverse Pec Deck

This exercise is also called reverse fly’s. You want to place your chest against the pad. Having a good muscle/mind connection and focus on those back muscles. This is good for developing the middle and lower traps.


And there you have it guys! My full back workout from start to finish. I really hope you enjoy this read and if you want to be updated on my latest posts, please sign up for my e-mail list. I will try my hardest to keep pushing more content out. Stay shredded friends.


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