7 Exercises You Should Avoid Over 40

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
September 13, 2020

Exercises are beneficial for your health. But do not perform all the exercises at one time as they will be harmful. Avoiding from exercise does not mean to leave it permanently. In fact, you should do exercise daily as you get older. It is important to keep yourself fit and care about your body. Understand also your body does not remain same throughout age. It loses energy and its outlook with the passage of time. It is necessary to do an exercise daily if you want to become active and successful in life. But sometimes many exercises at same time may have chance to harm your body. Even if you have been an active and frequent exerciser during most of your adult life, your workout should reflect your age. If you are in 40’s you are not exactly in same routine as in 20’s.


Exercises to avoid if you are over 40


Abs-targeted exercises alone would not turn off your belly flat. A well-rounded workout combined with a healthy diet helps you to lose weight readily. Even if you are doing 1,000 crunches per day, it is impossible for you to spare tire for you without working your entire body. Ab exercises are perfectly fit for trimming your body and toning your muscles. It plays a worth role to flat your tummy and you will look smart and fit.

When you are at middle of your age crunches, sit ups and other abs exercises causes a lot of spinal pains. In severe cases it may cause a spinal fracture or back bone pain. Crunches contribute to strain your neck and causes poor posture of your body. It causes a lot of trouble and pain which becomes a difficult way to achieve your goals and daily routine.

2-Intense cardio:

Women specifically love cardio, but it can be painful for middle aged person who is not used to extreme exercises. When your body is wording hard under stress conditions, it produces the hormone cortisol, which will make your weight gain. But this is exactly opposite of what you want to achieve. You are unable to make yourself trimmer by the release of cortisol hormone. So, the best way to lose weight is the cardio exercise that will help you to adjust your body.

Cardio exercise includes jumping jacks. Although they are excellent full-body exercise, they can be tough and heavy on your ligaments and tendons. High knees are also strenuous because of tendons, ligaments and joints. They can also cause a serious damage to knee and hip flexors.

In fact, cardio exercises are great for your cardiovascular system. But if you are over 40’s and frequently engage in intense cardio routines, it can be difficult for your muscles.

So, leave and skip 60-minute boost class and choose for a shorter, higher intensity workout instead.

3-Leg extensions:

As you get older, leg extensions can be affecting your knees. Paying a lot of heed to pain and stress to muscles. Leg extensions may cramp your muscles for longer time. And if lifting heavy weights are involved, it might cause severe problems in life which may damage your muscle. Your knees are very delicate they are not built to lift set of heavy weights. Knee and ankle injuries are most common which are associated with use of machines. Even younger people avoid equipment and machines because it can cause joint and knee problems in future which has a bad effect on your body.

4- Triceps dips:

Triceps are the main area upon which many people target. Nobody pays attention on arms to jiggle. While during floor exercises if you do not position and fix your arms at right direction properly it can be painful and harmful. Your upper arms and rotator cuffs consist of tiny and delicate muscles that can be easily damaged with apply of more pressure or long-time stress on muscles. Most youngsters are very fond of making biceps and triceps because it makes your muscles stronger and harder. If it can be left it can lose your muscles and imbalance your arms texture.

As an alternative try triceps push-ups.

5-Behind the neck lat pull-downs:

This is just an awkward exercise when you are lifting just a little amount of weight. When you start pilling pounds and pounds then it puts pressure on your shoulders. People who perform this exercise should sustain shoulder strain and tears. Due to lifting of more and more weight shoulder muscles might weak and they are directly connected to our brain and back muscles which can damage your muscles and can cause a long-lasting pain.


It can be extremely damaging for your backbone if not done properly. In few times you will complain back pain for few days. Because backbone plays vital role for standing and staying active. In severe case, you can also suffer from spinal injury. If you drop the weight during deadlift your foot might be injured which can deprive yourself from running and walking during routine exercise. So, if you are very fond of lifting pounds then manage yourself with your body weight.


This is one of the most effective and best exercise for legs and glutes. Older ones are more susceptible to injuries in cases of weightlifting due to age factor and body’s less metabolism and less energy requirements. At age of 40’s your body does not remain same as in 20’s. All functions are slowed down. If squat is not performed properly it can cause lower back and knee injuries due to pull and stress of muscles.

Squats can also make your hips wider. Mostly people make a mistake they gain fat more. It is the main area that people usually want to make it slim, but do not emphasize. Your body metabolism starts to decrease at age of 40, so this is probably you want to keep trim.

So, from these above exercises if any 3 or 4 exercises are performed together at same time then it can damage your shoulders, arms, legs or any other body part.

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