3 Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong

By: moklesur@bringtheshreds
September 13, 2020

There are some exercises that you have been doing wrong. Sometimes you feel that you are sweating a lot and losing a lot of weight. But what if you find that the exercise moves are all wrong and they are leading you at risk of injury rather than fitness. You will find that due to these faulty exercises you are not moving towards your goal.

1- Push-ups: It is one of the exercises mostly done by a lot of people at home for strength training and muscle maintenance. But most people are doing them wrong. People do the following mistakes in push-ups.

  • They do not maintain an erect and straight posture from head to toe. Some keep their back in U shape while keeping butt in the correct position while doing exercise. Some keep back in right position while their butts are in the wrong position. This causes a lot of problems like severe back pain as keeping back in U shape will decrease pressure on your back. Try to keep both butt and back in a straight line along with your body.
  • Some keep their hands in the wrong place. They try to keep their hands below the chest which is totally wrong.
  • The neck position is also wrong in some cases. A wrong neck position can cause serious upper back and middle back problems. You start feeling pain in the neck in a few days. It starts due to initial wrong neck positioning.
  • Keeping butt more in the air can also cause a problem. Keeping your back in the air will reduce pressure on your shoulders. Due to less pressure, you will do push-ups easily, but it will cause pain in your shoulders. A serious back injury can also occur.

The correct posture for push-ups is to maintain a high-plank position firstly. Your arms must be placed firmly in the ground under your shoulders. Keep your whole-body weight on palms and toes. Balance your upper body weight on palms and fingers. Keep your core tight when your body weight comes down. Half-fold your elbows when your body comes down. Pull up your body above on straight hands. Keep your posture in a straight line from head to toe.

2-Squats: It is also one of the common exercises done at home to make bigger butts. But people don’t know they have been doing it wrong. As they do not take a proper gym guideline or watch any video, therefore unable to counter their mistakes. Some common mistakes for squats are as follows.

  • Squats are wrong if you are letting your knees falling inward. When your knees move inward while performing a squat, it causes pressure on knee ligament resulting in injury. Strengthen your thighs to maintain a correct knee posture.
  • If your thighs do not come parallel to the floor and don’t form a 90 degrees angle with the shank of your leg. Then squats are not proper. Perform squats in front of the mirror to keep a check that how much you are performing correctly.
  • Arching your back is another fault while doing squats, keep the back straight.
  • Your stance is too wide or too narrow. Different people form different body stance according to their height. But some people stand too narrow or too wide with their feet. Due to it, their body does not go parallel to the floor. It causes hip motility which should not be done. Sometimes the balance is also thrown off.

The correct posture for doing squats is as follows. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips. Toes should be a bit pointed forward (5 to 15 degrees outward). Arms must be straight in front of you parallel to the floor. Manage your body weight equally on your feet. Keep your entire body tight. Breathe deeply into your stomach, break at hips with butts back. When you squat down, keep your knees in line with your feet. Move down until your hips go lower than your knee joint. Keep your core, torso, and waist tight, then breathe out. Move your knees outward exactly the same when you started to move down.  Perform squats in front of the mirror to monitor your knees’ movement relative to your body.

3- Lunges: It is another common exercise performed by most of the people. People do not know what they are doing wrong in lunges. Here are some common mistakes done in lunges:

  • Sometimes you are leaning too far back while performing lunges. For lunges, your whole-body weight is dropped on your forward leg. If you lean yourself backward it will cause pressure on the back.
  • If your knees are not moving in a straight line, your lunges are going wrong. An ideal lunge requires your knee to move forward in a straight direction without going on either side. Sometimes weak glutes cause lateral movement of your knees.
  • Sometimes your lunges are too long or too short. It causes destabilization and instability in the body if your lunges are out of range.
  • If your front knee is shaky or collapses inward, shaky then it creates instability and injury to your bones. This can cause many problems like ankle pain, foot pain, back pain, and knee pain most commonly.

The correct posture for lunges is to maintain a stable distance between two legs. It will maintain the balance of your body. For an idea, you can maintain the length of your lunges 2 times of your hip width. Keep your body straight all the time. Bend in the back or cure in the hip will cause serious injury. If you feel difficulty in maintain balance, then keep your rear toe fully on the ground. It will create stability for you. Try to do lunges in front of the mirror, it will help you to visualize where you are doing wrong.

There are many other exercises as well that you are doing wrong, but above are most common. These exercises become faulty when you are performing without any trainer or without mirror. As a result, you suffer from bad injuries.


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