Tips To Lose Your Double Chin

Submental fat is a layer of fat that usually comes under your chin. Double chin is caused due to overweight and obesity. Sometimes it occurs due to loosening of skin that occurs after the age of 40 years. Sometimes it is caused due to genetics. Double chin is caused due to poor posture. Smoking accelerates the process of depleting collagen from your skin that loses elasticity of your skin and as a result double chin develops. Sudden weight gain also results in fat accumulation and extra fat deposition also occurs under your lower jaw bone. It does not look good with your face and you need to shed this fat layer if you want to look beautiful and charming. Retained water can also cause your face to look puffy and the result is double chin.  Water retention in your face is caused by certain medicines and by eating starchy foods such as carbs or salty foods.


Obesity is the main cause of double chin. When you are over-weight, there is fat deposition near every organ of your body. The same goes for your double chin. Try to lose weight. Weight loss will help in fat termination from your body. When calories are burned and fat is trimmed, fat from your double chin will also get reduced. Make sure to lose weight if you are obese.


Increase Vitamin E intake: As double chin results in sagging of skin. Vitamin E is very helpful for maintaining healthy skin. You should increase the uptake of vitamin E if you have the problem of a double chin. Vitamin E prevents your skin from sagging and loosing. It will tighten and brighten your skin. It is found in green leafy vegetables, dairy products, legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, and liver. By increasing your Vitamin E supply on a daily basis, you can easily get rid of a double chin.


Green tea is very helpful: Green tea comprises an optimum amount of caffeine that helps reduce water retention because of its diuretic properties. Green tea is very helpful in losing fat.  It contains large amounts of anti-oxidants that will also help you relieve fats from different areas of your body. When people suffer from obesity, green tea is a good solution for them. It helps boost metabolism and has fat cutting property naturally. It will act on the sites containing fat either it is double chin or other parts of your body.


If you feel that you have a double chin because of genetic reasons, then keep a check on what you are eating. Refrain from fast foods, junk foods and binge drinking. And this all stuff will cause fat deposition and you already have a set of genes that are favoring you a double chin. So make sure to avoid these foods.


If your chin is expanding due to water retention day by day. Then stop the intake of salts. Lower the amount of sodium and potassium salts in your food. Avoid all the salty nuts and foods rich in salts.

Drink at least 8 glass water daily to get rid of puffy face and double chin. Make sure your body uptake plenty of water and prevent your face from water retention as it will result in a bloated face. Drinking plenty of water will give you fresh skin, help you to remove toxins and trimming of your double chin.


Eat more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to lose double chin fat. Vegetables will help you a lot and you will feel full. When you are full, then there will be no food cravings and reducing food cravings will lessen your fat. Use fruits instead of sweets and cakes as they will help to add some vitamins in your body. You will feel full and your cravings for sweets will be no more.


Cut down all the processed food from your diet plan. These foods will cause fat deposition, especially around your face. They are unhealthiest and loaded with a high content of fat. They will only cause fat deposition.


Learn to consume good fats. Good fats comprise avocados, nuts, and olive oil. Good fat will help you a lot in absorbing proteins and you will gain muscle content instead of fat deposition. The low-fat deposition will help you to reduce double chin.


Chewing gum will help you a lot in trimming your jawline and double chin fat. Try to use sugarless gums. It is found by a lot of studies that chewing gum constantly will make your facial muscles firmer. As firming of muscle will lead you to develop tight muscles and loses muscles are lost. It also helps in fat cell reduction. Make sure not to choose a sugary gum as it will not be good for you. Do not chew gum 24/7 a day as it will cause the tiring of your facial muscles. Chew gum 2-3 times a day to get rid of double chin fat.


Take proper sleep. If you do not have a complete sleep it will result in puffy face. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Taking a good and restful sleep will surely help you a lot. Keep in mind not to eat 3 hours before going to bed as your body faces a hard time digesting the food at that time. Also, be sure not to drink plenty of water before going to bed as it will affect your bladder. Try not to stay up late as it will cause face bloating due to fatigue the next day.


Above are given a lot of reasons for double chin. Make sure to avoid the foods that cause fat levels of the body to elevate. Take water and fiber content readily as it will help you a lot. Follow them if you want to get a trimmed and beautiful face cut with not fat on your face especially double chin. The harder you try to follow them, the easier you will reach your goal. Good luck!