How To Prepare To Eat During The Holidays

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Sounds awful. So, what can you do if Thanksgiving is on a Thursday. Keep continuing to work out and do cardio per usual. However, start cutting carbs low starting Tuesday. Keep it under a 100g a day (If you can go even lower, the better). Repeat this step on Wednesday.

Now on Thursday is where the magic happens. Continue to hit the gym (yes, they are still open til 2pm), and try to go fasted if possible. If not, try to focus on protein types food. (ex. Chicken and veggies, protein shake, etc.) Just try not to have foods with carbs and fats.

So, by Thursday night, you are depleted with your carbs and fats, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about tracking calories or macronutrients. Don’t worry about which desserts has the most sugar, nothing. Just enjoy yourself and spend quality time with friends and family.

Friday morning, get back to your work outs and cardio. Also, continue to get back on track with your diet and you will be just fine.

Note: DO NOT bring leftovers home. This will cause temptation and it will definitely set you back even more.